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ECE 597ST/697ST
Systems Simulation

Course Description:
Simulations are a substantial part to Systems Engineering, which represents the process of modeling a system or sub-system and conducting experiments based on this model. Results from such experiments will provide input to the design and building process of the actual system. In this course, we will study the fundamentals of different simulation approaches with a focus on how simulation can support the overall systems engineering process.


Major topics of the course are:

·      Random Numbers

·      Random Variable Creation

·      Discrete Event Simulation

·      Statistical Analysis of Simulation Data

·      Data Representation

·      Statistical Validation Techniques


Course Requirements and Grading:




·      ECE 242

·      ECE 314


Sheldon M. Ross Simulation, “Simulation”

Office Hours:
Tuedays 4-5 PM, Knowles Engineering Building 113B (tentative)

Michael Zink
113B Knowles Engineering Builfding
Phone: 413-545-4465

Academic Honesty Policy:
All work submitted must be your own in presentation. How much outside help is allowed depends on the course component.

University Academic Honesty Policy